We are more than an international trading company. For instance, we are helping companies find sourcing solutions for their products that are sold in major brand-name retail stores in Europe, America, and other international markets. We are able to help you prototype, produce, ship, and sell your products.all from under one roof. We provide a wide range of consulting services to help you find solutions to your overseas business plans.

1-Product Sourcing (Asia Pacific Rim and beyond)

2-Prototyping (new product development, product redesign, sampling requirements)

3-Project management/Consulting (from start-to-finish, we make sure you get what you want from a china manufacturer).

We assist companies who are either exporting or want to move their factory or production operations in china. We support you with QC product inspections; price comparisons; shipping options; etc . Our goal is to save money in whether capacity and provide the level of service your company demands.

8K international Trading Has the ability to provide solutions and assistance in areas such as :

*New distribution and market expansion.

* New Products introductions/lunches

*Distribution/manufacturing Alliances

*Increasing sales/profits.

*Proposal Preparation for new trade channels.

*Business planning/ Expense control.

We can show you how to capitalize in china’s economic boom, that can lower your production costs and increase your profitability.


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We are more than an international trading company. For instance, we are helping companies ... SEE MORE


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